Join us in opposing any postponement of this year’s Local Government Elections. 

The state of local government is at crisis level, as towns across the country are bankrupt and unable to deliver constitutionally guaranteed basic services. We therefore cannot allow politicians to unilaterally extend their own terms of office, while failing in their mandate to govern for all citizens. 

Have your say and oppose any delay or postponement to this year’s elections which are scheduled to take place on Wednesday 27 October 2021!

Whilst our fellow African countries have found safe and creative ways to hold free and fair elections in this pandemic, South African political parties and the political establishment is at the forefront of lobbying to ensure elections are postponed due to financial troubles and credibility issues. 

The people must be afforded their democratic right to remove political parties and elect citizen-led governments on 27 October 2021. 

We encourage every community in South Africa to join as we stand up, organize and take back control of our towns and cities!

Petition by,
OSA #NoElectionDelay